With a wide selection of drinks available why not join us in our intimate bar area. A variety of gins to quench your thirst.

For wine lovers enjoy our extensive wine list:

                         Our favourites, The full bodied, fruity Chanti or Orvieto with its soft mouthwatering tones

For Gin Lovers, The Gin Bar:

               A huge combination of over 25 selected Gins with our favourite tonic, Fevertree to enjoy                                                                the perfect G&T

For those who enjoy a pint:

                            Birra Moretti , Guinness , Orchard pig and our real cask local ale Hooky.

 Tea House & Bar


The Burford House


" Cenosillicaphobia.....

          fear of an empty wine glass "

Take a seat, Take a Sip.

This cosy Tea house has something different to offer for every individual. Our bakers use their greatest skills and experience to produce top quality Homebaked cakes.

With a wide variety of freshly made cakes, scones and choice of Afternoon tea this is the perfect spot to wind away the hours

The Bar

" A Dog is a man's best friend so we enjoy their company just as much as yours "

" You can't buy happiness but you can buy cake & that's kind of the same thing"

The Tea House